Last year we were SO honored to be given the 2017 Editor's Choice award.  I probably said it then, but when my couple's put so much hard work into their weddings and I have the privilege of capturing the culmination of that blood, sweat, and tears, it's the cherry on top when their wedding is showcased to the world by other wedding blogs and magazines, showing all the other brides planning their wedding inspiration they can use on their day.  It's amazing!!  

Two Bright Lights is a wedding platform that so, so many of those wedding blogs and magazines use and it streamlines the submission process for us photographers.  This award recognizes the best-of-the-best of the photographers who submit their weddings to be published by the wedding blogs and magazines.  And...we were chosen for this again!!!  The 2018 Editor's Choice Award recognizes the top 1% of those photographers and vendors who submit their work for publication.  

It's an absolute honor for me to be recognized, but nothing would happen if not for my amazing clients who entrust me with their wedding day.  So let's all have a collective high five/pat on the back/cheers and celebrate!!  


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